Maisie Peters Longs for ‘Two Weeks Ago,’ Before a Breakup, in New ‘Good Witch’ Song

Singer-songwriter will appear at select dates of Ed Sheeran’s tour in between her own headlining gigs

MAISIE PETERS MOURNS the happiness she felt half a month back before a breakup on her new single “Two Weeks Ago.” “I wish it was two weeks ago,” she sings in lilting waves over a folk-pop backdrop. “The airport broke us in two/A friend drove me ’cause you couldn’t do/That last kiss, couldn’t look at you/But I wish I did.” The song will appear on her upcoming album, The Good Witch (hence the tarot theme of the lyric video), which goodly comes out on June 23.

Peters wrote on Instagram that the song she describes as “the epitome of bittersweet” was based on a true story. “It’s about the drive to the airport when you can’t stop crying, and wishing you’d told someone how you felt when you felt it,” she wrote. “I went and sat by the piano, turned the verse I’d been working on into a chorus, and the whole song appeared. I’d had the idea for ‘I wish it was two weeks ago’ floating around my head, had also written an entirely different song with that thought … but it wasn’t until that moment in that room that all the pieces fell into place. I remember going home that night and writing in my journal that I’d written this song, and that it felt important and special, and that iI hoped it would find a home. And it did.”

Peters also praised the backing vocals by her friend, Gretta Ray. “I almost choked up on the bus when I heard her arrangements,” she wrote. “This song is sweet and sad and pure and maybe one of the most simple I’ve ever written.”

“Being a small part of this incredible song is one of the most special things I’ve ever gotten to do,” Ray wrote in response to the Instagram post. “It’s raw, it’s honest, it’s tragically beautiful and it’s full of magic. Mazzie at her very best.”

Peters will be on the road this summer, supporting select dates with Ed Sheeran and headlining shows of her own. She previously showed Rolling Stone how she made her video

The Good Witch track list:

1. “The Good Witch”
2. “Coming of Age”
3. “Watch”
4. “Body Better”
5. “Want You Back”
6. “The Band and I”
7. “You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man)”
8. “Lost the Breakup”
9. “Wendy”
10. “Run”
11. “Two Weeks Ago”
12. “BSC”
13. “Therapy”
14. “There It Goes”
15. “History of Man”



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